Seven Pieces for Solo Viola (1979)
Four Phases for solo violin (1979)
Piano Sonata (1981)
String Quartet No. 1 (1982)
Wind Octet (1984)
Avenue De Saxe for solo oboe (1984)
Three Preludes  for solo piano (1985)
Nocturne  for viola and piano (1986)
River Gods for viola and speaker, poems by Stevie Smith (1986)
Reflection  for solo piano (1988)

Aniwaniwa for cello and piano (1989)
Piano Quartet (1989 revised 2010)
String Trio (1989 revised 2011)
Satyakama for violin and piano (1990)
The Sea Blazed Gold  for viola, CD and speaker, words by Virginia Woolf (1991)
My House Being Wrapped In Sleep for solo piano (1993)
String Quartet No. 2 (1995)
Dark Night for viola and CD (1996)
Duo for violin and viola (1997 revised 2010)
String Quintet with two violas (1998)
Painting By Numbers 11 electronic works for an art exhibition (1998)

A Turn Outside for soprano, viola and piano, words by Stevie Smith (2005)

Lux Perpetua Suite for solo viola (2005)

String Quartet No. 3 (2006)

3 Pieces for Mark for solo piano (2007)

Whirling for soprano, viola & piano, text by Rumi (2007)

A Portrait of Ann Quintet for cor anglais and strings (2008)

Wiegenlied Variations for viola and piano (2008)

Holkham Waltz for cello and piano (2009)

Two Little Dogs and a Little Bird for soprano and viola (2010)

Teach Me Through Your Trees for baritone, viola and piano (2011)

String Quartet No. 4 ‘From Beachy Head’ (2012)

Trio Jacquin for clarinet, viola and piano (2013)

String Quartet No. 5 'Caravaggio' (2014)

String Quintet No. 2 'Trouvaille' (2014)

Banyalbufar for viola and guitar (2014)

Pianto antico for tenor and string quartet (2014)

Piano Trio No. 2 'Eidfjord' (2015)

Piano Preludes (2015)

Close Shave for saxophone quartet (2016)

Phantasy Quintet for piano quintet (2016)